Fun Science Day for Grant Students!!

Thank you to the Dan Furstenau Elementary School Science Grant!  This grant provided a fun science day for all students at Grant Elementary School!  Students enjoyed presentations from the “Mad Scientist” from Edgerton Explorit Center in Aurora, Nebraska.  

Kindergarten - 2nd students learned about amazing bubbles.  Students got to see bubbles made before their own eyes. Some students were lucky to assist the “Mad Scientist” and actually get inside of a bubble.  Students learned that bubbles are usually round, but it is possible to see a 3-D bubble in the shape of a cube.

3rd and 4th grade students learned about sound and vibrations. They were able to actually see sound!  The “Mad Scientist” shared how sound waves look and offered students the chance to create sound!

All students enjoyed a final presentation together learning about space and amazing rockets.  Students learned about different levels of gravity and compared life to Earth and on space. Students observed and participated in many activities.  All students had a fun day learning about science!