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Ignore & Block Pop-Ups

Though NPS uses filters to block pop-ups from our school computers, we also educate the students about the hazards of clicking on pop-ups because they may encounter them when using technology outside the district.  

Pop-ups are windows that open on top of another window on a computer screen.  Advertisers are fond of using pop-up ads to encourage users to click on the pop-up to collect information from consumers to help sell more products.  Clicking on an advertising pop-up can leave cookies on your computer, which helps advertisers target your interests. Pop-ups can also be very malicious.  They may contain viruses or other unwanted software that you will inadvertently load to your computer.

Be wary of buttons within a pop-up because they may not do what they promise.  Read “Don’t Close That Pop-Up Window,” by Lifewire Magazine, to learn more about dangers of clicking on pop-ups.  The article suggests right-clicking on the pop-up to close, rather than clicking on the pop-ups options, to avoid being tricked.  

The best advice is to avoid pop-ups; DO NOT click on them.  You won’t win a million dollars as promised! If you’re interested in buying items online, go to a reputable online dealer to shop.  To protect yourself and your family, block the pop-ups before they have a chance to infect your computer. Choose from the following information, listed by browser choice, if you are interested in blocking pop-ups on home computers:  “Block or Allow Pop-Ups in Chrome,” by Google Support, “How to Block Pop-Ups in Safari,” by Apple Support, “Block Pop-Ups in Microsoft Edge” and “Change Security and Privacy Settings for Internet Explorer 11,” by Microsoft Support.

The lessons used for our elementary lessons come from and Common Sense Media.  Common Sense Media offers a Parent Link at the top of the homepage to help you find specific information for your family’s internet safety needs.

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Joyce Kirschner/Library Media Specialist