Students Make "Noise" in Music Class

In music class, playing instruments is a favorite activity for many students! Kids LOVE to make noise! I love to see when it “clicks” and they realize they have organized that noise into music. One of the greatest parts about playing instruments is accessibility, and the ability to modify. In grades 1-4, we have been learning an accompaniment for “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” We are using Boomwhackers (Color coded, pitched tubes that sound a certain note when you strike them,) shakers, and drums to play along. Modification in the instrument parts make it so every student can play a part successfully no matter their age or skill level. It has been tons of fun! When playing instruments in a group students practice many important skills that apply far beyond music class. Some examples are teamwork/ cooperation, concentration, responsibility, listening, and confidence. Most importantly, they have fun while they’re doing it!