A Peek Inside Miss Gleason's Classroom

Third grade is such an amazing year in the life of a child.  The learning curve is intense and the transitions are many! Here is a peek into a new third grade student’s school day…

Instead of learning to read, we are now reading to learn!  We are learning to dig deeper into our reading.  We constantly look back and reread to find text evidence that answers our many questions. Not only do teachers give us tests to see what we know, but we are learning HOW to test!  We have a brand new Math program called Envisions 2.0 that started with multiplication and division!  We talk a lot about good strategies and the best way to solve problems. We log and keep track of our own test grades in data folders.  We are entrusted with new technology too!  We talk a lot about digital citizenship as we learn to be responsible and careful with these expensive tools.  With all of these changes, we sometimes get overwhelmed! We are so thankful for all of the encouragers that help us every day!  Our peers and all of the adults at Grant are always ready to lend us a hand.  We learn a lot about cooperation, respect, and good citizenship along the way!

We had the perfect opportunity to practice these skills during our first field trip of the year! We attended the Science Expo. in Madison, NE.  We had a ball seeing and learning at each of the hands on learning stations.  Some of our favorites were The Wild Life Encounters, Bubbleology, digging for fossils and the train station. We were also thrilled with the amazing books that awaited them when we returned to school. We appreciate all that come together to make this such an educational day!

We concluded this day with lunch and recess at Norfolk's Central Park. It was a perfect fall day!  A big shout out to Norfolk's Park Department for keeping this and all of Norfolk's parks a clean and safe place for all to enjoy!

Be sure to check our Gallery for pictures!!