Thank you for your Scholarship Application

Thank you for submitting a scholarship application to the NPSF.  The application deadline of March 16th, 2022 has passed and the application period has come to an end. A selection team will review all qualified applicants and applicants will be notified by May 1, 2022.

Notification will be given prior to the Honors Night presentation. If you receive a scholarship from NPSF, your participation at Honors Night is highly encouraged (for some scholarships it is required).The Jenna Krivohlavek Memorial Scholarship recipient and Cindy Froehlich Memorial Scholarship recipient will be held in confidence and revealed in person at Honors Night. If you applied for (or are eligible to receive) one of these two scholarships you must be present at Honors Night.

Recipients can expect to receive the scholarship check in July (unless the criteria of the scholarship specifies differently). Checks will be made payable to the student and the educational institution and will be mailed directly to the student.

Best wishes to you on your quest for post-secondary educational scholarships. The NPS Foundation hopes you have much success as you leave Norfolk High School and go on to do great things!

Any questions or concerns can be directed to the NPS Foundation office at 402-644-2500 or, or at the High School Guidance Office. Thank you!