Wall of Fame Bucket Fillers

This is the bucket filler group for the September Character Traits of Respect.

Art Newsletter

Art Newsletter from Miss Ramirez

Honoring Our Heroes

     On September 11, Mrs. Spiering's class learned about the heroes of September 11th and the heroes in our community. In honor of their heroes, they made patriotic flags with pictures of the Twin Towers, Pentagon, and a Police badge.

Money, Math, and My Friends!

Mrs. Thompson's 4th grade class had fun working with partners during a math lesson. Each person earned their own money and then came up with random amounts for their partner to show them. Demonstrating various amounts of money using $100, $10, and $1 helps us to learn and understand place value.

Under Construction

Westisde Elementary is remodeling, in order to accommodate for the NPS Elementary LIFE Program.  A kindergarten room is being relocated, which requires remodeling.  The LIFE Program will be placed in the south hallway.  Our staff and students are excited to add this program to Westside!