Dental Health in Kindergarten

Kindergarteners have been learning about dental health in February. We were even able to have a dentist, Dr. Kyle, come to our classroom! He taught us about how to care for our teeth so that we can keep them our whole lives. He gave us toothbrushes and timers to be sure we brush for two minutes. Our smiles have gotten even brighter in kindergarten!

Smile in Style

A program offered by Elkhorn Logan Valley Public Health Department

Mrs. Rugg's Music Class

What each grade is working on in music class.

January Bucket Fillers

This months Bucket Fillers showed great examples of working well with others.  This is a skill that not only helps in school, but also in all kinds of other situations.  Good job everyone.

Mrs. Gubbels' 4th Grade Room


Muffins With Mom

Students are invited to bring their mom or significant person in their life to have a muffin with them before school on Thursday, January 30th at 7:30 am.  Muffins, water and juice will be provided by Westside F.A.S.T. and served in the gym.

Pleas send back the form that was sent home with your child by Thursday, January 16th.

Season of Illness

A few guidelines for when an illness should keep you or your child home.

Westside Receives Award

Westside receives the Distinguished School Award.

Food Drive

Food Drive was a great success.

Mrs. Gubbles' 4th Grade

4th Graders in Mrs. Gubbles' class working on recycling.