Westside Receives Award

Westside Receives Honor!
As you already know, Westside Elementary School has been named a 2019 National ESEA Distinguished School!

The Westside students are very proud and excited! Schools are selected by their State Education Agency and must qualify under one of the following categories:

 Category 1: Exceptional student performance and academic growth for two or more consecutive years

 Category 2: Closing the achievement gap between student groups for two or more consecutive years

 Category 3: Excellence in serving special populations of students (e.g. homeless, migrant, English learners, etc.)

 Westside Elementary School is being recognized nationally as a Category 2 recipient.

 Norfolk Public Schools invites all of you to join us for a school celebration on January 29, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. in the elementary school gym. Representatives from Westside Elementary School will attend the national ESEA conference in February where they will be recognized as ?one of the two Nebraska schools receiving this award. More information is available on the NPS Website