4th Grade Creating Businesses to Help Our Community

This week in reading, fourth graders are focusing on how businesses can affect the lives of others. We discussed different businesses that Norfolk already has, and we talked about how they help the members of our community. We discussed questions like do the businesses provide people with a needed item? Do they donate money or items to people in need or charities? We then had the opportunity to…

Mrs. Boubin's 3rd Graders Work on Math Skills

Modeling and adding 3-digit numbers with base ten blocks has been our objective this week in math. In Mrs. Boubin’s third grade classroom, students have been using these manipulatives to show regrouping in the tens and hundreds places. This has been a great visual to see how 12 ones cubes regrouped into 1 tens rod and 2 ones cubes. With the help of a partner, students each model a 3-digit number…

Red Ribbon Week September 26-30

Westside will be observing Red Ribbon week with a few fun activities.

Monday September 26th  Being drug free is "no sweat", Wear sweat clothes!

Tuesday September 27th Wild about a drug free life, Wear Animal print clothing!

Wednesday September 28th I am a jean-ius; I am drug free, Wear Jeans!

Thursday September 29th…

Mrs. Mueller's Kids are Digging for Buried Treasure

A few of Mrs. Mueller's kids along with her are enjoying some time outside.  They are busy hunting for interesting things that they find in the dirt and rocks.  They all enjoy doing something fun.

Staff Missing Students and Handing out Packets

The staff at Westside have been working hard to prepare packets for continued learning.  Everyone is missing the students terribly.  We all wish things were back to normal but everyone is doing their best to go on and thrive during this period of adversity. We saw lots of faces from car windows as packets were being handed out.  Hope everyone will stay safe and will see everyone again on 4-8-20…

Mrs. Boubin's Class Work on Fractions

Fractions have been the learning target in math for the third graders in Mrs. Boubin’s classroom this week. Students are learning key vocabulary like the denominator which is located below the fraction bar and shows the total number of equal parts. The numerator is on top of the fraction bar and shows how many equal parts are described. Students created some fractions with Lucky Charms and found…

Middle School Information Night

4th Graders and their families mark your calendars.  The Norfolk Middle School is having their 5th grade information night for the 2020-2021 school year.  It will be Tuesday, March 31st at 7:15 p.m.  For current 4th grade students and parents from BelAir, Westside, Woodland Park.  If you have any questions please call 402-644-2569.

ELL Students Working Hard


Mrs. Pospisil's Class Deciding Lamb or Lion

The first graders in Mrs. Pospisil’s class have been spending time discussing how the weather will be in March. We started by reading a book called ‘In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb’ by Marion Dane Bauer. Then we categorized types of weather to either a lion (harsh) or a lamb (calm). Students described lion weather to be stormy, cold, windy, and snowy. Students described lamb weather to be calm,…

Bucket Fillers of the Month!

Our character trait for this month has been staying on task.  These students all showed great skills in this area.  It is difficult sometimes to ignore distractions and keep yourself focused.  Our winners this month showed a lot of maturity in this area.  Way to go kids.