May 20, 2021


5/20--All lockers must be cleaned out at the end of the day today.  Any athletic team and activity signs will need to be removed from front of the locker by the end of the day.  

If you missed the high school softball meeting Monday.... Don't worry, stop by Mrs. Lanman's desk for an information sheet about what's happening over the summer!

Yearbooks will be handed out during first period on Thursday 5/20. Remember if you purchased one, you will not get it if you have a fine until the fine is paid. Please put your first and last name in the inside cover in ink when you receive it. If you are planning to be absent on Thursday, you will not get your yearbook early. You can either bring a note from a parent giving us permission to send it with a friend who is in your first period class, or you can come and get it next week.

NICA Mountain Bike: Coming up this summer with the bike programs, come see Mrs. Porn in room 234 for more information.


It is official! We get to have a mountain bike season starting in June. To kick off, we are hosting a parent and rider Try-It-Out night on Monday, May 24 at Maskenthine Lake outside of Stanton. Riders from K-12 are invited to attend. See Mrs. Porn for details and parent information. 

High School Show Choir Auditions will be held soon for 8th graders. If you are interested please reach out to Mrs. Hirschman or Mr. Dustin Wood at the high school for more information. If you are already in 8th grade choir or JH Show Choir please check out the information in the Google Classroom pertaining to the High School Show Choir.

Student work permits go through Norfolk Senior High. Those wishing to get one can contact Deanna Dolezal at 402-644-2537 to arrange a time to complete the certificate. See the Employment Certificate Section for more info.

Any 8th graders needing summer school papers for American History please see Mrs. Lanman in Guidance.

Students it is important that you bring your own mask to school in the morning. If you need a fabric mask to keep please come to the office. 

Reminder students….you are not to wear hoods during the school day.

Students, you are reminded that you are not to call your parents to come and pick you up if you are not feeling well. You are to go to the nurses office first. You can call your parents in there.

Students misusing squirt water bottles will have it taken away and receive consequences.  Please use only for drinking.

Students you are reminded that when you are dismissed in the morning you are to go directly to your locker and then your first period class. Do not socialize in the hallways. Thank you!

Students please remember to follow all crossing signals and look both ways when crossing a street before and after school! Your safety is very important to us!

Students make sure you are wearing your mask as soon as you arrive on the JH campus!!

Reminder: Students should be bringing their chromebooks home every night and charging them. The chargers should be staying at home, not left in lockers or carried around.  If you are on check in / check out they need to be turned into the office after school every day.  Chromebooks should be used appropriately for school work, not gaming. If you misplace your chromebook, check your locker & backtrack all of your classes.  If you still can not find it, report it to Mrs. Petersen in the front office.

At the end of the day, please remember to keep your mask on until you go outside. Once outside, You may take off your mask if you remain socially distanced. If you are not staying socially distanced, you will be asked to put it back on. Please also make sure you walk home immediately If you are walking home. If you are being picked up, make sure your ride picks you up before 3:40.  

Words of the Week

Week of May 10 - 14:

Tedious - adjective - boring or not interesting

Synonyms- drab, monotonous, boring

Antonyms-absorbing, engaging, interesting

By the end of track season, running around the track becomes very tedious.

 Voracious - adjective - unstoppable or craving in great quantities

Synonyms- greedy, ravenous, gluttonous

Antonyms- apathetic, indifferent, unenthusiastic

Unfortunately, the teenagers have become voracious over the new video game.