First Place Finish For NJHS Speech Team

Congratulations to the Norfolk Junior High Speech Team for their 1st place finish at the Wheeler Central Bronco Bash Speech Tournament on Friday, March 1st! This was their first competition of the season and they all did a great job! 

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 Individual Results are as follows: 

 Humorous Prose: 

1st - Maryn Mead

5th - Elsie Olberding 

 Serious Prose: 

3rd - Alex Jensen  

4th - Lucas Ransen  

5th - Cloe Klein 


1st - Ruby Mitchell

2nd - Ava Wiedeman

3rd - Abigail Ruda

4th - Judith Jaques

6th - Abigail Chambers


1st - Tessa Ferguson

3rd - Gina Beltran

5th - Nishyia Ponniah

6th - Victoria Moreno

 Public Speaking: 

1st - Erin Eisenbraun

6th - Kylie Sisson


Tied for 3rd - Tanesha King

 Duet Acting: 

2nd - Aiden Doughty and Skylar Ellenberger

4th - Kamile Oligmueller and Leiah Hardy

6th - Erin Eisenbraun and Ally Moreno 

 Oral Interpretation of Drama: 

2nd - “Puberty: The Game Show” - Samara Follette, Skyler Ellenberger, Abigail Chambers, Kailey Stolp, Aiden Doughty

4th - “Mind the Gap” - Nathan Buettner, Noah Janke, Daniel Sours, Kylie Sisson, Giannah Ortez

 Team Sweeps: 

1st Place