November 21, 2017

NO Zone this week!!!

NO School- Thanksgiving break on November 22nd, 23rd and 24th!  The office will be closed on those three days:)

GAME 1   Team Two: 15   Team Four: 25.  Leading Scorers:  Team Two: Dylan Fuchs (5 points), LT Smith (4) Hunter Clement (4).  Team Four: Issac Rezac (13), Christian Castillo-Gutierrez (6), Emilio Reifel (4)

GAME 2   Team One: 15   Team Three: 24.  Leading Scorers:  Team One: Javier Teneyuque (6), Kyle Glaser (5).  Team Four: Jacob Pierce (6), Paysen Owen (6), Ty Prochaska and Dyvon Flowers (4 each)

Hi, we are from Soar period 2 and our classroom has the idea to do a coat drive for the Norfolk Rescue Mission.  We will be collecting coats, hats, and gloves. We will have two big boxes in the cafeteria. The idea is to have a competition between 7th and 8th grade.  Each coat will give you 10 points on your grade. Hats and gloves will take away 5 points on the other grades total.  You will put coats into your box and gloves and hats in the other grades box. In the end we will total the points and the winning grade will receive candy canes.  We will be doing the drive from Monday, November 27th through Friday, December 8th.  In the end all items collected will be delivered to the mission. Please help us give warmth for the winter. Thank you!

 Performed one night only on Tuesday, December 5, 2017 at 7:00 pm,for only 3.00 per student
and 5.00 for adults,  you can enjoy seeing Norfolk Junior High students acting in a double feature!  In the first show, CSI: Mother Goose Land, a duo of detectives are trying to solve the case of Humpty Dumpty’s great “fall.” Along the way, they seek help from their scientific companions, a king, the fiddlers, and many other much loved Mother Goose classic characters.  All in all CSI:  Mother Goose Land is an exciting production involving mystery and comedy.

 In the second show, “Prince Rogers and the Dastardly Marriage Plot!” Princess Agatha is about to be marriage to a crazy prince from an even crazier  Kingdom when things go wrong! The princess has to call in some help from the local housewives,grannies, muffins, a big treasure chest, and maybe even some rutabagas.  We would love for you to come watch.

It’s  getting cold outside!! Make sure you are wearing your coats:)

  • Students you are not allowed to ride your skateboards on the sidewalks and driveways right by the school building.

  • Driver's Ed forms for the July-December 2018 sessions are available in the guidance office. 

Weekly Vocabulary November 27 - December 1

 Reverberate - verb - To be filled with loud or echoing sound.

Synonyms - echo, resound, react; Antonyms - quieten, dull, damp

The theater reverberated with the speaker's voice.

Demeanor-noun-the way or manner in which a person behaves

Synonyms - behavior, manner, disposition;  Antonyms - properness, propriety

My best friend has a very calm demeanor, or way about her,and she isn’t rattled easily.