September 20, 2019

Wyldlife will have EXPLOSION CLUB on Sept 24th @ 7:07-8:27 at the Central Park. All 7th and 8th graders are invited.

Red Ribbon Run will be October 5th a the Sunset Plaza Mall.  Start time is 8:30 am.  You can pick up information from your PE teacher or by the Front Office.

Reminder that once you leave the cafeteria in the morning your cellphones and earbuds must be put away. They are not allowed in the hallways.

Students if you skip a detention or have an outstanding detention (one you skipped earlier in the week) you will not be allowed in any JH or SH activity for that day.  If you also have ISS or OSS that day you are not allowed to attend an activity.

Week of September 16 - September 20

Universal - adjective - relating to or affecting all

Synonyms - broad, comprehensive, common;   Antonyms - limited, narrow, rare

His fine character and conscience earned him universal respect and confidence.

Condemn - verb - to state that someone or something is wrong or evil or to sentence to punishment.

Synonyms -denounce, punish, sentence;   Antonyms - approve, compliment, praise

Many of the conspirators were condemned to death, but all succeeded in escaping.