September 21, 2018

In the Get the Scoop Reading Challenge  build a sundae wall competition Mrs. Padilla's 6th period is in first place with 11 books.  There is a tie for second place between Mrs. Whitney's 1st period, the JH Staff, and the ombination team made up of the classes of Mrs. Berryman, Miss Thiry, Mrs. Behnke, Mrs. Kuehler and Mrs. Duerst.  The second place tie teams have each read 10 books.

Help your English class add scoops to their sundaes by filling out an ice cream scoop each time you complete a book!

Cross country results:

HOLY COW WHAT A FINISH IN THE 7TH GRADE INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL GAME! The score was tied going into the last play from scrimmage, when the Adam Heinemann from the White team connected on a pass to Shaun Gustman from 18 yards out for the winning score!  White defeated Maroon 12-6.
Key stats from the game:

White touchdowns: Adam Heinemann, Shaun Gustman

Maroon touchdown: Drake Deter

Fumble recoveries: Emanuel Guico, Drake Dieter, Shaun Gustman

Sacks: Hunter Tiemanns (2)

There is information by the front office regarding The Red Ribbon Run at the Sunset Plaza and information regarding activities at the Norfolk Arts Center!

Hispanic Heritage Month facts:

More than 17% of the US population is of Hispanic heritage and several of our states have names with Spanish meanings such as Colorado, (red as in red rock),  Nevada (snow-covered), Montana, (mountain), and Florida (flowered).

Attention all dancers:  Pink Panther Dance Day is coming up on October 6th.  Forms are in the office.  Pick them up today and get registered before September 28th for a fun day with the Pink Panthers!


These contests are voluntary.  Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each contest.  Our student body will vote to determine the winners. All contest entries must be turned in to the Media Center by Friday, October 7th.

Write a Poem Contest:  Write a poem about ice cream and/or reading.  It must have at least six lines.

Create a Bookmark Contest:  Stop by the Media Center to pick up a blank bookmark.  Decorate your bookmark with an ice cream and/or reading theme.

Sundae Sculpture Contest:  Create a 3D sculpture which includes a representation of a bowl, ice cream, and any other toppings you want in your ice cream sundae.  At least one topping should be book related. Sundaes should not include actual food. You can use your own bowl or stop by the Media Center to pick one up.

Dairy Queen Fundraiser!!  October 9th from 5:00-8:00 pm. 10% of the sales will be donated to the JH Student Council.

Week of September 17-21:

Evaluate - verb - to judge the value or condition of something or someone in a careful and thoughtful way

Synonyms - appraise, classify, assess

Antonyms - quick to judge, criticize, decline

Five judges were hired to evaluate the projects at the district 4-H project days.

Infer - verb - to form an opinion from evidence; to reach a conclusion based on known facts

Synonyms - conclude, judge, draw a conclusion

Antonyms - biased opinion, integrate, differentiate

We can infer, based on the class experiment results, the average height in the class is 5 feet 4 inches.