February 22, 2018

Mrs. Showalter's first and second semester students, the St. Jude radio-thon  donation will be made late in the school day tomorrow. Be listening to US92 after school tomorrow for the announcement indicating how much we were able to raise. Thank you for supporting St. Jude!

Wyldlife will have a Pizza Olympics on Tuesday, Feb. 27th at 7:37 pm in the JH Cafeteria. All 7th and 8th graders are invited!!

Attention 7th-8th grade girls IM players.  Jersey check in will be next Monday, February 26th in the lower gym after school.  Please wash your uniform and place it in a plastic bag with your name on the bag.  Please plan on this lasting 30 minutes.  Plan your rides accordingly.  Failure to turn in your uniform and practice jersey (for some) will result in being placed on the fine list.  This announcement also is for those who did not finish the season and have yet to turn in their gear.

**Reminder to students that you need to return your ice packs to the Nurses office, if Lost or damaged it will cost you $3.00. Thank you.

The Olympic Reading Challenge started last week.  If you haven't started reading, get going!

Student Council will be trying to bring some fun to your Fridays during these cold days of winter.
It starts this Friday through the month of February and a little through March.  The 16th, 23rd, March 2nd, and March 9th we will have Fun Fridays that are themed.  

 **Reminders for detentions are only sent out in emails. Students need to check their Emails daily!

Reminder again--------student are not allowed to carry book bags unless they are using the Chromebook ones for their Chromebooks only or if they have a note from the nurse!

Weekly Vocabulary February 19 - February 23

Consult- verb- to go to someone for advice or ask a professional opinion

Synonyms - conference, advise, review; A- go alone, by yourself, ignore

Tony will consult with his attorney before entering the courtroom.

Elapse- verb- to pass by; of time

Synonyms - conclude, expire, run out; Antonyms - continue, persist, on going

The length of time which must elapse before the trial begins is dreadful.