Dance For A Cure!

The Norfolk Panther JOOI Clubs sponsored their annual "JOOI Dance for Childhood Cancer" at the Norfolk Jr. High on Thursday, October 26. Over 400 youth attended the event which raised over $2,240.95 to help families affected by childhood cancer. The dance was chaperoned by parents, Optimists and JOOI members from the Sr. High. Helping to find a cure for childhood cancer and helping those families…


Announcements for Norfolk Junior High

Words Of The Week

Weekly Vocabulary November 20- 22


Spontaneous - adjective - occurring, produced, or performed through natural processes without external influence

Synonyms - impulsive, willing, voluntary; Antonyms - planned, deliberate, intended

Helen is a wonderful child, so spontaneous and eager to learn.



21st Century Living - Cooking

November 15th, Mrs. Miller's 21st Century Living classes did a little cooking. They made biscuits, omelets, and 5 different main dishes. Students were proud of how everything turned out and learned some valuable lessons. Such as how to cut up chicken correctly, how to get a flaky biscuit, and how to make a fluffy omelet. They all got to enjoy the end result. Delicious!

Blankets Made For Service Project

Elizabeth Broders, a 7th grader at Norfolk Junior High School, presented weighted blankets to Mrs. Kuehler and Mrs. Gubbels. Sewing the blankets was a service project for Elizabeth's Girl Scout Silver award. Weighted blankets have a calming effect on persons with neurological disorders such as Autism and other special needs. 

NJHS Drama Performance!

Performed one night only on Tuesday, December 5, 2017 at 7:00 pm,for only $3.00 per student and $5.00 for adults,  you can enjoy seeing Norfolk Junior High students acting in a double feature! 

Mother Goose Land