About Us

Norfolk Junior High is located in the center of Norfolk at 510 Pasewalk Ave. The Junior High building is actually the original high school building.

Famous alum Johnny Carson went to High School in this building.

  • NJHS is the home to the districts' 7th and 8th grade students.
  • We have approximately 600 students.
  • NJHS is a 1:1 school.
  • Each student is issued a Chromebook for use in school and at home.

NJHS has a wide variety of course offerings beginning with the core subjects of Math, Science. Language Arts and Social Studies. Additionally, students can take courses in areas such as Industrial Technology, Family and Consumer Sciences, PE, Health, Art, Choir, Band, STEM, Digital Citizenship and Technology. All 8th graders take a Careers class in which they explore different careers and compile a Personal Learning Plan which will guide them through high school.

Activities are an important part of building a well rounded student. NJHS students can participate in football, volleyball, cross country, wrestling, basketball and track. Student Interest Activities are held after school and give students the option of participating in chess, rocket making, skin care and baking to name just a few. NJHS also has a JOOI chapter for students who are interested in community service projects. The Robotics Club builds robots and participates in statewide competitions.

At Norfolk Junior High, we are preparing all students to pursue their goals for the future!