Marketing Academy


Marketing Academy includes career opportunities whose processes create, communicate, and deliver value to customers and manage customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders.

Students will explore the basic functions of marketing pricing, promotion, product planning, place distribution and the marketing mix.

The curriculum provides the foundational skills and knowledge in economics, communication/interpersonal skills, professional career development, business, management, and entrepreneurship.  Application of academic concepts and  
technology is integrated throughout the curriculum.

Possible Careers

Careers in this academy are in the fields of marketing, management, sales, buying and merchandising, marketing communications, promotion, marketing information, management, distribution, logistics, marketing research, and e-marketing.

Available Pathways

Marketing Pathway  
Hospitality & Tourism Pathway

Marketing Instructors:

Mr. Kelly Krueger


Marketing Pathway

Fresh., Soph., or Junior: *Marketing
Fresh., Soph., or Junior: **Marketing Management
Junior or Senior: Practical Communications
Senior: Entrepreneurship

* 1st semester Marketing   ** 2nd semester Marketing (Taken as a full year)


Hospitality & Tourism Pathway

Fresh., or Soph.  Intro to Business
Soph., or Junior: Marketing
Junior or Senior: Practical Communications
Senior: Hospitality & Tourism

* Full Year Course

Career Student Organizations





Business Administration Academy Partners

  • Northeast Community College
  • Norfolk Chamber of Commerce
  • Norfolk Daily News
  • ASQ Promo Products
  • Norfolk Home Reality
  • Sherwood Foundation
  • Rudy Elis Foundation
  • Scott Foundation

**Marketing Management