The Way We Worked

Written by Aja Graham

Over the past few months a few selected seniors of the Alternatives for Success program of Norfolk Senior High have been collaborating with the Elkhorn Valley Museum on the project "The Way We Worked." The traveling exhibition was brought to Norfolk by the Smithsonian Institution and Humanities of Nebraska. The Way We Worked exhibit focused on the different occupations of Nebraskans from the past or present.

The students sat down every wednesday to strategize who to interview and what questions we wanted to ask them. After we felt well prepared for the project we started setting dates. The Nebraskans that we interviewed were in a wide range of occupations starting from the mayor, to a broadway dancer, to a female-plumber and, even a Sister from the Monastery. After each interview the students had the opportunity to broaden their views on different employment options. When asked what some of their experiences were they said, " Meeting and getting to know Norfolk residents and hearing about their work experience was really motivating for me," said Julissa Garcia. "The project was a huge learning experience. It was inspiring and eye opening," added Rachael Menish "Learning new things about people was very interesting," agreed Cameron Richardson. These are just some of the reactions we received when we asked the students about their experiences. The students that have helped with this project have benefited so much from this collaboration.

The Way We Worked exhibition is now open at the Elkhorn valley museum from January 20th through February 18th. The exhibit is currently touring Nebraska and will be showing at seven museums throughout Nebraska. Be sure to stop in and learn about the way America works especially our local residents.

Aja Graham & Julissa Garcia       Camron Richardson      Gilberto Contreras

Maria Spriggs       Rachael Menish      Ryan Johnson

Teacher Lee Irvine       Mrs. Wulf's Granddaughter