4 Year Old Full Day News

In April, our classes voted to study Community Helpers which we will continue to study through the end of the year. As the weather is warming up, we will be able to do a few walking field trips--our first one will be to the Police Station and Fire station early in May! Mark your calendars for May 21 for preschool graduation, our classes will have our program at 10:00am in the gym!

Just because school is out doesn’t mean the learning has to stop--check out these fun activities to do with your preschooler this summer to keep their minds learning and ready for kindergarten.

10 Ways to Keep your Preschooler Learning over the Summer:

1.Play go fish using a deck of cards--this will help them with number recognition and counting 1-10.
2.Practice writing their name
3.Go for a walk around your neighborhood and have them identify the letters on signs and try to sound out the words.
4.Read books--have them read the book to you using the pictures and sounding out small words on the page.
5.Have them help you prepare simple meals--kids love to help in the kitchen! Have them help measure ingredients, stir and even spread peanut butter, jelly or butter on bread.
6.Practice Tying Shoes
7.Plant a garden or a few pots of plants--talk about how plants grow and give them the responsibility to water them each day.
8.Play board games together--simple board games help kids practice taking turns and following rules along with counting spaces, identifying colors and letter recognition.
9.Play catch--throwing a ball back and forth helps with hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. Add in counting passes or say a letter of the alphabet each time the ball is caught for added learning!
10.Play and Have fun!

We wish you a very happy, fun and safe summer!

Mrs. Marmolejo and Mrs. Clausen