March News - Mrs. Marmolejo's class

Time is just flying by in preschool! It’s hard to believe that March is already here and soon so it will be spring! In February we finished up our study on transportation and voted for our next study. The students were given the choices of trees, balls or recycling to do as our next study and after we tallied the votes for both all day classes, the winner was the Ball Study! We will be exploring what balls are made of, who uses balls, and how they bounce and roll. The students are already super excited about our study and to kick off our study they each had the opportunity to bring their own ball from home to show and use for comparisons!

As the study continues, we will discuss why some balls bounce and others do not as well as looking at how they roll. This is a great time of the year to study balls since the weather is warming up and the snow is melting, we will get a chance to be outside and play with the different type of balls on the playground. At home, you can ask your child about the topics we are discussing and do activities that let your child explore more about the different types of balls such as rolling them on hard surface compared to the carpet or bouncing them on concrete compared to in the grass. You can also share with your child about what types of games you played as child that used balls that they might want to try and play at home, or make up you own game with rules to play as a family! Balls is going to be a fun, hands-on study and we are so excited to see what the students learn and want to explore more!


A few important dates to remember: No School March 28th-April 2nd due to spring break and we will be doing our 2nd required home visit in late April, teachers will send home more information when it gets closer!