4 Year Half Day PK News

Exciting things are happening at Little Panthers Preschool.
By this time in preschool we have had many opportunities to practice school
readiness skills like letter, shape and number recognition as well as social skills
like sharing and conflict resolution. Standing in line, raising hands to speak in a
group and waiting patiently are also skills we practice daily.

Our study this month continues to be Transportation. After working through
several weeks of learning about different aspects of transportation, we are
beginning to have a good knowledge base and are able to ask relevant questions to
determine what we would like to learn next. Our curriculum provides a basic
guideline of what is learned but it also allows for students to pose questions and be
curious about areas they want to learn about.

With it getting cold outside, the weather has given us an opportunity to learn some
games to play in the gym. Our favorites are Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Duck,
Duck, Goose. As a reminder, we will go outside if the wind chill temperature is 10
degrees or above, so please dress your student warmly.

We encourage everyone to attend parent teacher conferences as we are all so
excited to talk with you about your kids.

Mrs. Drahota and Mrs. Luna