Fall is an Exciting Time in Preschool

Fall is an exciting time in preschool.

In the afternoon preschool class we visited Poppy’s Pumpkin Patch.  The weather turned out to be perfect for the trip.  Children had the opportunity to see many different animals:  goats, chickens, llamas, deer, ponies, and rabbits.  They rode on the train and went down various slides.  The children very much enjoyed the bus ride.



  The class went on a nature hunt around the school.  Children were given a clipboard with a treasure hunt paper attached.  They used a pencil to circle the items as they found them. 


Preschool also investigated a pumpkin.  We discussed the different parts of a pumpkin.  Then cut the pumpkin in half and dug in and got our hands dirty.  Children sorted seeds from goop.  Preschoolers were not sure if a pumpkin and a gourd looked the same inside so we explored a gourd also.   The next day children were given the chance to taste different kinds of pumpkin seeds.