First and Second Grade News - Mrs. Vanness’ Class

Yay, spring is just around the corner!  We are all ready for sunshine, warmer days, and green grass.  Hopefully we will see all of them soon!

First of all,  thank you for helping your child create Valentine memories at home in February.  We had amazing Valentine boxes and bags created at home with you, and it was so much fun to see all of the imagination that went into making them.

Our classroom has been filled with activity this past month.  First, in our cultural area we have learned about the Earth’s layers, landforms, and changes in the Earth over time.  Second,  we are now in the middle of a unit on American Symbols and what makes our country great.   Next, we have been learning about people who have changed the world during Black History Month.  We continue to study each of the seven continents and what makes each of them unique.  

We are hard at work on our work plans. In the math area we have been working on subtraction with and without borrowing, place value, addition with carrying, telling time, ordering numbers, money, plane and solid figures, graphing, and fractions.  In the language area we have covered topics such as using text evidence to check for comprehension, compound words, contractions, sentence drawers, classification, synonyms and antonyms, punctuation, graphemes and grammar work just to name a few.  As you can see, there is never a dull moment at Montessori.


Happy March everyone!