Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week

Jefferson Students will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week during the week of October 27 - October 30.  This week is a time to learn about the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol and to help students make wise decisions about their health.  We will be celebrating healthy choices by participating in the daily themes as follows:

Monday, October 26 - NO SCHOOL for Students

Tuesday, October 27 - Elect to be Drug Free
Wear Red, White, and Blue

Wednesday, October 28 - Sock it to Drugs
Wear crazy socks

Thursday, October 29 - Keep Your Paws Off Drugs
Wear clothing with animals or animal print

Friday, October 30 - Team Up Against Drugs
Wear a shirt or jersey of your favorite team or a panther shirt

We hope you learned a lot this week and plan to celebrate Red Ribbon Week not just for a week, but for life!


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