African Rhythms Are Gonna Getcha!

This grant money was used to purchase an African instrument set to be used in the music classroom in all NPS elementary schools.

Third grade students used the instruments to accompany a story-song called the Gebata Board. The story originated in Kenya, so the authentic instruments were a welcome accompaniment. The instruments represented characters or sounds in the story. These instruments were for the most part home-made, even with rough edges! The instruments were also used in an experimental way - exploring sounds, creating combination of sounds, creating patterns which others echoed. The students described the sounds, how the sound was created, and how the instruments appeared to be made (materials, etc.). It was a terrific experience for the students. I thank you so much for honoring our students with this gift. They have enjoyed the instruments, but more than that, it was an authentic learning experience for the students.
-- Bonnie Begeman, Music/Vocal Teacher