TBG Committee Summary (May 11, 2020)

On 5/11/2020 the following summary was shared with the Board of Education in an update regarding the work of the Target-based Grading Committee.

Target-based Grading Committee Recommendations:

In November 2019 an ad-hoc committee of school board members, teachers, guidance counselors, district administrators, principals, parents, and students was formed to discuss and develop plans for the future of Target-based Grading (TBG) in Norfolk Public Schools. Since November 2019, this committee has met multiple times to study TBG, address patron concerns, and develop an effective implementation plan, based upon the unique characteristics and expectations of Norfolk Public Schools. This committee is recommending that TBG continue a strategically staggered implementation in grades K-8 and to continue the current pilot math classes at the senior high with the following adjustments:

1. Homework and other formative work should be considered in students’ final grade calculation, as indicated below:

  • K-2 Formative 0% Summative 100%
  • 3-4 Formative 10% Summative 90%
  • 5-12 Formative 15% Summative 85%

Departments and grade levels will be given discretion to determine what types of assignments and activities (homework, class activities, labs, quizzes) will be included within the category of formative work and how much weight will be assigned to each, as long as they comply with the percentages listed above.

2. Students will be given the opportunity for reassessment on all summative assessments, following a well-articulated and consistent process that is communicated to all students and parents. Students will only reassess on the targets that they wish to improve, and they will be assigned the higher score.

3. The proficiency scale will be expanded to include a 2.5, 3.5 and 4, as shown below:

 (Please Note: Teachers will not need to rewrite proficiency scales with 2.5 and 3.5 descriptors.)

4. The following Conversion Charts will be utilized.

  • This first chart will be used to assist students and parents in their understanding of students’ grades:

  •  This second, expanded chart will be used to calculate students’ 4.0 GPA for college applications and scholarships:

5. The implementation timeline will be revised to reflect a slower, more strategic transition to target-based grading, and the following requirements will be met before a course can begin utilizing TBG:

  • The course must be aligned to Nebraska College and Career Readiness Standards.
  • Learning targets, proficiency scale, and assessments must be prepared and aligned to those standards.

The timeline for the senior high will be completed at a later date, after successful implementation at lower grade levels and completion of the requirements listed above.

It is the hope of the committee that these new guidelines and expectations will result in an effective implementation of TBG within Norfolk Public Schools, enhancing student learning and improving communication between students, teachers and parents.