Frequently Asked Questions about Home-based Learning

Home-Based Learning Opportunities Questions & Answers For Students and Parents (Updated 3.18.20)

As we implement home-based learning on 3/25/2020, we have attempted to answer some questions we anticipate that students and families may have regarding the process.

1. I have a conflict or I am in a high risk group and can't make it to the physical school building to pick up the paper packet. Can you email it to me or mail it?

If you are unable to make it to the physical building, please contact your school office during regular school hours and let us know. We can email it to you, or send paper packets to you through the mail. Please contact us to make arrangements to pick up your Chromebook.

1b. Can I have someone else pick up the paper packet?

We realize not everyone will be able to make it to the school during the pick up times.  Someone other than parents/guardians can pick up your child’s work/supplies during the pick up times. 

2. My student is in grades 5-12 and will participate with a Chromebook.  If they already brought it home on the last day of class, do I need to go to the school or do I stay home? Will the information be different?

If your 7-12 grade student already brought their Chromebook home and has internet access to use it, you do not need to come pick up anything at the school. The information will not be different.
If you have a 5th or 6th grader, they would not have been able to bring their Chromebook home. The pick up time for them is to get their Chromebook and charger from school, as well as some paper packet work. Middle School parents should have received a message from Mr. Hughes regarding details on picking up a school device or paperwork. 

3. How do we turn the work in? Are there deadlines?

Because we have been informed that the Coronavirus can potentially remain contagious for up to 48 hours on surfaces, paper work completed by students will not be turned in to your child’s school or teacher. Student learning can be submitted to your child’s teacher electronically with a picture of the work or through google classroom or other digital platforms used by the class. Student work may be utilized as evidence of formative progress. However, the work provided is intended for review or enrichment of concepts -- NPS will not grade this work.  

3a. How will assignments be tracked and graded in the Junior /Senior high courses? 

NPS understands that family dynamics are evolving with this unique situation. Student health and safety remain a priority. In some courses that benefit, student work completed will receive feedback and be placed in the formative section of the gradebook where it will not calculate as part of the grade but rather monitor student learning. The district wishes to communicate that students should continue engaging in learning opportunities.

3b. What is occurring with dual credit classes?

As of March 18th, colleges have asked us to move forward with dual credit classes just as we will with regular classes so the above comments apply. Students will be notified if anything changes. 

3c. How are we handling AP (Advance Placement) courses?

As of March 18th, we have been instructed to continue AP course teaching and learning. Students should be getting specific instructions from AP teachers via Google Classroom and/or email. If anything changes, students will be notified as soon as possible. 

4. What if we don't understand the work provided? Who do I contact if I have a question or need help?

Please reach out to your child’s teacher via email or other platform that your teacher has provided with questions about any work sent home. You can reference your school’s website for teachers’ email addresses. Teachers will be letting you know their office hours and contact information in the upcoming days. Other questions may be directed to your child’s principal.

5. What if my Chromebook stops working?

Please contact your school building during office hours to request paper copies of work.

6. What is happening with Statewide spring testing, (NSCAS _3rd-8th grade and ACT 11th grade)?

The Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) has suspended all statewide spring testing including the ACT test. NDE is actively working with ACT to see if they will allow a free of charge ACT test for those 3rd year senior high students who might still want that opportunity. We promise to inform parents if or when there is any new information on free ACT testing opportunities. 

NPS encourages you to sign up for future testing opportunities scheduled by the ACT organization. You can find information regarding ACT testing at If you need assistance, please reach out to the Senior High Guidance Counselor, Heather Marotz <> or Assistant Principal, Jason Settles <>.