NHS Career Academy Ribbon Cutting

Norfolk High School celebrated the ribbon cutting of the Career Academies on 9/20/2017.

Award for Excellence

Here are a few reasons why Mrs. Blum received the Award for Excellence.

Mrs. Blum is an outstanding teacher.  She is always looking for ways to improve and connect with her students.  We often hear stories of teachers who made life changing impacts on students because of their unconditional…

Red Ribbon Run

Please click here to register for the Red Ribbon Run on October 7, 2017!

Westside Elementary in the Spotlight - 'Focus on Students' September 2017

The Westside Elementary students were lucky enough to get to present at the NPS School Board Meeting this month.  They quizzed the School Board members and the audience on what they knew about the Solar Eclipse.  Everyone learned some knew facts and were able to share their knowledge, as well.  The Westside students shared some of the activities they completed on the day of the Solar Eclipse,…

Career Academy Ribbon Cutting


Superintendent Message 8-17-2017



Norfolk Public Schools has reviewed the research on homework for elementary-aged students and decided to implement a “No Homework Policy” for our students in grades K-4.  This is based on the fact that research shows that homework for students…

School Supply Lists

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Open House Schedules

Open House Schedules

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