January 2024 Award of Excellence Winner

Norfolk Public Schools is pleased to announce that Jim Spanel, Math Teacher, Norfolk Junior High School, is the recipient of the NPS Award for Excellence for January 2024.

Thank you, Jim Spanel, for your dedication, hard work, and service to our students, staff, and the NPS community!

Listed below are excerpts from some of the submitted narratives of Mr. Spanel's nomination:

  • Mr. Spanel is an outstanding teacher and a phenomenal role model for our students. He has a positive outlook and believes in his students’ ability to succeed. He is supportive of ALL students.
  • Mr. Spanel is always willing to step up when someone needs extra help, whether that be a teacher or a student.
  • Mr. Spanel is an outstanding human being. He is always willing to help anyone and everyone. He was one of my favorite coaches in school, and I was honored to be able to coach with him for a year. No one fills the role of “excellence” as well as he does. 
  • I have the pleasure of being on Jim's 7th grade team of teachers. Jim is a very humble and giving person.  He is always positive and supportive of students and staff. He has such a good outlook on life and teaching.  He is truly here for the kids. 
  • Mr. Spanel is so deserving of this award! He is a terrific role model for students and staff. He is caring and compassionate and always gives 100%.  I feel very fortunate to work with him on my team this year. He is a true inspiration to me. 
  • Mr. Spanel is what I hope to be as a teacher when I’ve been doing it as long as he has.  He always has a positive outlook, he is still working to improve his craft, and the students enjoy him.  He always has a kind word and is great to work with.

Jim officially received his award at the Board of Education meeting on January 10, 2024.  Please congratulate Jim on this well-deserved award!