November 2021 Award for Excellence Winner

We are pleased to announce that The Teaching & Learning Team (Mickie Mueller, Nancy Probasco, Sharie Thelen & Jared Oswald) are our winners of the NPS Award for Excellence for November 2021. Thank you Teaching & Learning Team for your dedication, hard work and service to our students, staff and the NPS community!

Listed below are excerpts submitted with the Teaching & Learning' nomination:

  • I would like to nominate the Instructional Coaches for the Award for Excellence for the efforts with Remote Learning this last year. In a short amount of time that team was not only able to evaluate a remote learning program option for k-6 and 7-12, but they then built the entire curriculum within those programs aligned to our district priority standards. Then they were able to train a group of teachers to manage these online classes for a semester. In essence this team was able to develop an entire k-12 school program within the course of about a month and a half. They were able to do this and build a rigorous curriculum that was truly the next best option to being in person at our buildings.
  • I don't know where I would've been in this program if it weren't for Shari, Jared and Mickie. They certainly deserve the Award for Excellence in my book. They were there when I needed help (which was a lot of the time in the beginning). I was not too confident that I could do this, but with their instructional expertise, guidance and encouragement, I have learned more than I thought possible from this experience.
  • It would not have been possible for me to be successful in the Remote Learning Program without the assistance of the Instructional Leaders. I entered the program with a lot of trepidation about how it would work and what my role would be. There was a lot to learn quickly to be ready to go at the beginning of the semester. At the start, it was overwhelming. Fortunately, Jared, Mickie, Nancy, and Sharie had already put in many hours and they were ready and willing to help me. They were constantly there in the beginning to help me prepare for this program. As we progressed through the semester they were always willing to provide help whenever I needed it. They were there to offer instructional help and advice on students. They were also there as a sounding board, a cheerleader, and a calming influence when things seemed a little crazy. It was because of their efforts and assistance that both the students and I were able to be successful in the remote learning program.
  • Being a first semester teacher I have relied on Nancy for so much guidance. I wouldn’t have been able to have such a successful semester of remote teaching without her. She is patient, caring, and a great leader. I always knew when I needed help with anything that I could ask Nancy. I am so thankful for all of her help throughout this semester.
  • Nancy has been such a great leader during this unprecedented school year. The reality of this past year is that we have been relying on our instincts and creating as we go. Many people working within the field of education are known to be "planners." For the first time, we had no way of truly planning. Plans could completely change in a day, a week, or within a matter of hours. This thought was terrifying. Nancy was a confident leader in these uncharted waters. She served as an excellent problem solver, listener, and cheerleader. We truly could not have created this "zoom school" without her!
  • Nancy Probasco is amazing. She is extremely knowledgeable and works equally hard. She always responds immediately when I call for help. If she does not know an answer (she generally does) then she will find it and get back to me in quick order.
  • Our instructional leaders have done an amazing job of responding to the many challenges thrown their way. The research that they do and then bring to the team is invaluable. I appreciate all of the legwork that they do to help our school district make the best decisions possible for our kids.

Please congratulate Teaching & Learning on this well-deserved award.