Deaf Awareness Month

September is Deaf Awareness Month, a time to celebrate the rich cultural history of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community and continue the work of advocating for the rights of Deaf people everywhere. 

“Deaf Awareness Month is important because it allows both Deaf and Hearing allies to come to celebrate the diversity of Deaf Culture, which is rich in history, language, and traditions,” said Tonya Carriker, NPS Deaf Educator. 

Norfolk Public Schools is the home of the Northeast Regional Program for Children who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing (NERP). This program provides support services for teachers, students, and families in the 20 counties of Northeast Nebraska.  In addition, NPS has 2 of its own Deaf Educators and 6 Sign Language Interpreters. There are 35 students in all at NPS schools with a hearing difference. 

Through a generous gift from the NPS Foundation classroom grant, the NPS Elementary Schools will be hosting an assembly called Mime's the Word with Ricky Smith. He has a unique way of telling a story and bridges the hearing and deaf worlds while entertaining. 

“Deaf and Hard of Hearing students need Deaf adult role models. The Mime's the Word assembly gives all NPS students a chance to see the richness of Ricky's world,” said Jill Hoffart, NERP Coordinator. 

The assembly will be held on Friday, September 24 with stops at each elementary school.