Career Academy Students Buildout Mobile Maker Space for Aftershock

On Friday, February 19th, six Career Academy high school students took part in a work-based learning opportunity by assembling Aftershock’s new TMC trailer. The Think Make Create (TMC) trailer will be used to take the learning anywhere. For example, one envisioned way we intend to use the trailer is for our “S’mores and Stars Night.” The trailer will allow us to transport our telescopes, cameras, tripods, lawn chairs, and more enrichment materials to a nearby campground. How cool would it be for our students and families to learn about astrophotography, see the rings on Saturn, and make some delicious s’mores? 

TMC is a mobile maker space lab that will be used by students and families at our afterschool sites and community events. Our TMC trailer was fully funded by partners from the Beyond School Bells Coalition. These collaborations, including those facilitated by the TMC Labs, provide kids access to areas of learning they may never otherwise experience, including hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activities. There is soon to be over a dozen more trailers across the state. The trailer will be ready to serve our students during the time of our summer program. The Aftershock summer program will be from May 31st, 2021 - June 25th, 2021 and is available to all incoming 5th-8th grade students in Norfolk. Contact Austin Casselberry at to learn more about Aftershock. 

“It was exciting to see students from the Metals and Construction academies practicing the skills they have obtained through their classes at the Norfolk High School. Five of the six students who participated in building out the trailer were all former Aftershock students and were thrilled to give back to the program.”

-Austin Casselberry, Aftershock Director

“The Norfolk Career Academies provide a strong focus on career and college readiness in several career cluster areas. Elective courses are strategically sequenced to follow a program of study that includes theory exploration as well as hands-on, practical experiences needed to be successful in the student's chosen career interest area. It is Work-Based Learning opportunities like this that can help prepare our future workforce, and we were happy to see the students applying soft skills and technical skills required to complete this project in just one school day.”

-Dr. Jeff Hoffman, Career Academy Coordinator