Workers Compensation Forms/Procedures

Norfolk Public Schools is implementing a new procedure regarding accidents/injuries that occur on the job. In an effort to provide the best possible medical assistance to our staff when an injury occurs, we have contracted with a third party to work directly with staff. Arianne Conley RN will be our primary contact. Her role will be to visit with Norfolk Public Schools staff that have been injured on the job and help them determine the best possible treatment plan. She will serve as a liaison for Norfolk Public Schools administration, medical personnel and the worker's compensation company. Arianne will follow the injured employee throughout treatment until completion and conduct follow-up visits with employees after each doctor's appointment.

Below is an updated copy of Norfolk Public Schools Accident Reporting Procedures. Specifically review the Injuries Requiring Physician Evaluation section. In summary, any injury requiring medical attention (with exception to emergency treatment) must receive prior approval, via a Medical Authorization form. Failure to follow the guidelines as directed may result in personnel action up to, and including termination.

NOTE: It is the right of an employee to receive certain benefits following a work related accident. It is the responsibility of the employee to maintain consistent communication throughout their treatment process with Norfolk Public Schools Administration/Norfolk Public Schools Third Party Representative when receiving worker's compensation benefits.