COVID Extended Leave


The original FFCRA leave that was enacted by the Federal Government on April 1, 2020 ended on December 31, 2020.  Norfolk Public Schools recognizes that COVID related illness and quarantines still exist.  With that in mind, the district is offering COVID Extended Leave through May 31, 2021.  Balances (if available) from the original FFCRA will be applied towards the qualifying conditions listed on the application.

If you feel that you would qualify for one of the options, please complete the application for leave below and submit it electronically via email to or or via fax to the Payroll Department at 402-644-2506.  Once Extended COVID Leave and/or sick leave has been exhausted, the employee may request administrative leave from the Superintendent.  Please complete the Request for COVID Related Administrative Leave and submit via email to  if applicable. 

COVID Extended Leave Application

Request for COVID Related Administrative Leave

All staff members that have been quarantined due to COVID must complete the Self-Certification to Return to Work document and submit it to their building principal prior to returning to work.

Self-Certification to Return to Work After COVID-19 Exposure/Symptoms Form