District Strategic Planning and Reports

It is the vision of Norfolk Public Schools to be a top performing school that provides outstanding educational opportunities for every student and is a source of pride and an asset to our community.

The mission of Norfolk Public Schools is to prepare all students to pursue their goals for the future.


By Fall of 2017, NPS will implement and communicate a curriculum that is scoped, sequenced, and aligned with state and national standards.
By Fall of 2017, NPS will expand career awareness activities and provide course offerings in all 6 (Nebraska Career Education) Career Cluster areas through partnerships.
By Spring of 2015, NPS will implement a continuous and comprehensive integration of technology for all students.
Completion of these goals will result in achieving and maintaining a 4 year cohort graduation rate of 90%.

School Improvement Goal

All students will demonstrate improved academic performance on grade level achievement tests.

Steering Committee Members
Tausha Whitman, Student
Matt Gerber, Student
Taylor Uhlir, Student
Linnea Gettman, Parent
Bob Hoppe, Parent
Tammy Day, Parent
John Blaylock, NECC
Dave Merritt, NPS Foundation
Shane Weidner, City Administrator
Dennis Houston, Chamber President
Aaron Otten, Elkhorn Valley Bank
Mary Kay Uhing, Faith Regional Health Services
Leann Widhalm, NCEA President/Teacher
Cindy Brown, Teacher
Angie Means, Teacher
Lisa Echtencamp, Guidance Counselor
Becki Wulf, Teacher
Mickie Mueller, Educational Technology Facilitator
Aaron Rang, Maintenance Supervisor
Juanita Ramirez, ELL Interpreter
Tim Kwapnioski, Principal
Jen Robinson, Principal
Jake Luhr, Principal
Sandy Wolfe, Board Member
Arnie Robinson, Board Member
Dr. Brad Krivohlavek, Board Member
Beth Nelson, Director of Teaching and Learning
Bill Robinson, Director of Business Services
Doug Witte, Associate Superintendent of Student Services
Dr. Jami Jo Thompson, Superintendent
Dr. Larry Dlugosh, Facilitator