Return to School Plans (Covid-19)

Special Note: Effective 9/14/2020, the Norfolk Public Schools Board of Education decided to return the COVID-19 Return to School Plan back to the original committee that developed it for further review and possible revision. They also decided to temporarily suspend the orange level guidelines until they receive updated recommendations from that committee. NPS's current yellow level guidelines will remain in effect, and will not move to Hybrid Learning until that committee submits new recommendations to the Board -- even if the ELVPHD Covid Risk Dial moves to the orange zone.

Covid-19 Return To School Plan Summary 2020-2021 (Print Date: 08/17/2020)       

Covid-19 Resumen del Plan de Regreso a la Escuela 2020-2021(Print Date: 08/17/2020)

Return to School Plan (Covid-19) - Full Report (Print Date: 08/17/2020)


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